This is the last part of our breakdown of MMA betting types. This time we’ll cover two of the most interesting wagers out there – parlays and prop bets. Let’s begin!


Parlay Betting
When going for parlays, you pick the winner of a few different fights. The catch is that all of your guesses must be correct in order for you to win your bet – even having only one mistake will cost you your profit. Keep that in mind, especially when you realise that throwing an underdog in the mix raises your potential winnings. You’ll be tempted to take that risk, but know it can undermine your whole strategy.

Parlays are fascinating to bettors, but most are hesitant to act on them. Even those brave enough, bail after a few times, due to a few lost wagers. We advise you to first master straight bets and then move on to doubles and eventually parlays. You for sure should not go straight for such accumulator bets – it may work out the first few times, but luck is temporary and you’ll soon find yourself discouraged by your unsuccessful bets.

An appealing option at hand are cross-sports parlays. If you are certain about the winner of a UFC fight and an NBA and NFL matches for example, then combine them into a single parlay. This is a nice way of taking advantage of different odds, too.

Prop (Exotic) Bets
These wagers are centred on the details of a match. We have already gone through two prop bets – round bets and victory methods, and we are going to finish off with a few others. The most common include
• Points Handicap
• FOTN awards
• Fight to the Distance

We hope you learned something useful here and will use that knowledge wisely. Now go and put it to good service!