Types of MMA Bets – Part 3

This is Livescore.in the last part of our breakdown of MMA betting types. This time we’ll cover two of the most interesting wagers out there – parlays and prop bets. Let’s begin!


Parlay Betting
When going for parlays, you pick the winner of a few different fights. The catch is that all of your guesses must be correct in order for you to win your bet – even having only one mistake will cost you your profit. Keep that in mind, especially when you realise that throwing an underdog in the mix raises your potential winnings. You’ll be tempted to take that risk, but know it can undermine your whole strategy.

Parlays are fascinating to bettors, but most are hesitant to act on them. Even those brave enough, bail after a few times, due to a few lost wagers. We advise you to first master straight bets and then move on to doubles and eventually parlays. You for sure should not go straight for such accumulator bets – it may work out the first few times, but luck is temporary and you’ll soon find yourself discouraged by your unsuccessful bets.

An appealing option at hand are cross-sports parlays. If you are certain about the winner of a UFC fight and an NBA and NFL matches for example, then combine them into a single parlay. This is a nice way of taking advantage of different odds, too.

Prop (Exotic) Bets
These wagers are centred on the details of a match. We have already gone through two prop bets – round bets and victory methods, and we are going to finish off with a few others. The most common include
• Points Handicap
• FOTN awards
• Fight to the Distance

We hope you learned something useful here and will use that knowledge wisely. Now go and put it to good service!

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Types of MMA Bets – Part 2

Welcome back! Let’s go on with breaking down the types of bets you can place on a UFC fight. Today we’re starting off easy:

Match (Money Line) Betting
This is the simply the most obvious type of bet, but we have to go through it – it comes down to picking the winner of the fight. Your profit depends on the odds, which in this case is a bummer since favourites naturally get lower odds. You can always choose the risky path of betting on the underdog – it does bring more winnings, but is way less certain.

You can prepare for match betting by looking into the different fighters’ performance. Compare their strengths and weaknesses, so your choice is informed, and your chances of winning higher.

Over/Under Betting
In this case the sportsbook posts a round total and you must decide whether the match will go on for longer or shorter than that. Bookmakers hate ties, so will generally decide on an uneven number as their total – 2.5, 3.5, etc., because the fight goes on for 2, 3, 4 rounds – there’s no in between.

MMA fights are especially unpredictable in comparison to other sports. If you’re used to betting on over/under in football or basketball, don’t be too sure you’ve got it covered here. A serious hit early on in the fight can end it – no matter who the crowd favourite is, or how long the fighters usually last. Even so, always do some kind of background research beforehand – check stats, compare performance, and make an informed choice. Here’s a small tip from us: if the two fighters are aggressive, go with the under, and if both are defensive – bet on over.

If you found this useful or interesting, make sure you read our next and final article of MMA betting types!

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Types of MMA Bets – Part 1

The increasingly popular sport of mixed martial arts is a great option for enthusiastic sports bettors. It’s dynamic and easy to understand, plus usually the offered odds are fantastic – why wouldn’t be intrigued by that. Now we will look at the so-called upper scale of MMA betting – the types of wagers that require a little more thought than just deciding on who will win.

Round Betting
If you are interested in this type, then you’ll have to speculate in which round the match will end. You may develop a spreadsheet on different fighters’ performance and stats, so that you are prepared to bet and rely on logic, or just hope for the best and place your stake with the help of your 6th sense. It doesn’t really matter – whatever works for you is good enough. Just make sure your decision isn’t too far off from reality.

There are a few different round bets available to you. The first one asks for choosing only the last round of the match. If you go for the second one, you’ll have to pick the final round plus the winner. The third one comes to picking the round in which the fight will end, the winner, and the method of victory.

Betting on Method of Victory
This type of wager requires of you to determine how the match will end, not when, not who’ll win, but simply how. An MMA fight can be ended with a submission, knockout or a judge’s decision. There’s no beating about the bush here – this one’s tricky. If you’ve made a spreadsheet you can always use it. However, you may be tempted by the odds that knockouts offer. If two major names are fighting – sure, go for it, but otherwise don’t be too brave to put your money on that. Remember – it’s better to win less, than lose. If two middle-range contenders are fighting, betting on a judge’s decision may make you more money. Our overall advice on this one is to go for live betting, so you can react when the time is right.

Stay tuned for the next part!

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